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Vision And Mission Statements' Evaluation

Some companies do understand the importance of having well-defined and clearly stated Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Core Values and align them. These are able to help them craft or formulate the strategies that will enable them achieve their objectives.

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The Relevance Of Vision Statement, Mission Statement And Core Values To Business

Companies need to have clearly defined Vision and Mission Statements that are supported by appropriate Core Values.

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Setting Up Of Internal Control System

Every firm needs to have a sound and effective internal control system. This comprises of various components needed to achieve set corporate objectives.

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Board Processes

There are processes to be followed for the Board of Directors to function effectively and efficiently.

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Board Effectiveness

Board effectiveness can be achieved when certain processes and factors are considered.

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Business Process Review

Delivering business products and services as expected is not enough. Efficiency and effectiveness of business operations should be considered. Efficiency talks to optimizing the use of resources and effectiveness, the timing.

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